A Meditation on Jesus as Role Model for Catholic Christian Education


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ISBN: 9789560115324

The content in this book allows for personal  perspective on ways education can be viewed by examining the spiritual relevance of teaching as a calling and puts teaching as a ministry to
serve all people. Jesus, the greatest paragon of pedagogy, exemplifies how He taught and interacted with diverse groups of people from different languages, religious beliefs, and ways of being, never judging or excluding anyone. His pedagogical praxis, from a global and inclusive approach, consisted one of reflective practice where individuals reflected on his teachings and chose personal transformation at their levels of comfort.
The blending of the varied disciplines from these three scholars is fascinating, at times challenging and provocative through the immersive and daily reflective practice through the calling of teaching while deepening one’s own spiritual life. Just as Jesus taught all people encountered, our hope is for readers to find their own reflective voice in how they think about teaching, culture, diversity, and inclusion from a Biblical perspective where, if we teach, we are called to serve everyone.
What makes this book interesting and exciting is not to change anyone’s perspective or belief system, but allow the reader to explore, reflect on the readings and find ways to act while interacting with the content to be that greatest teacher every student deserves.
We are confident the reader will enjoy this text.

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  1. CJ Braun

    It is a very nice and updated book. It combine well the counseling practices with theology.

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