Chile-Singapore. A bridge to and from Asia-Pacific. History of a successful foreign policy


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ISBN: 9788419372581

This work deals with the encounter between two countries that border the great Pacic Ocean: Chile and Singapore.
Both with a vocation of openness, cooperation and global integration, which has enabled – although with different rhythm and emphasis – the diversication of exports and attraction of capital, along with the internationalization of their economies, in the search to provide their citizens with greater security, development and well-being.
The book could be divided into two approaches: the rst, of voices; the second, of narratives. That of voices is written by authors with a deep relationship and personal knowledge of Singapore and the Asia-Pacic, in their capacity as diplomats, which gives the story a soul, in terms of content, anecdotes and stories.
The second approach could be called that of narratives, which is based on a specialized view of Singapore in various elds, such as diplomacy, economics and security.
These testimonies express the enormous potential for the Chile-Singapore relationship to become a virtuous two-way bridge that constitutes a powerful tool for progress for both peoples and their respective regions.
The book also intends to highlight the work of the visionary, pioneering former Minister of Foreign Affairs Hernán Cubillos Sallato, who was a strong promoter of Chile’s projection towards the Asia-Pacic, ahead of the times in his perception of this region as an axis of global geopolitical development

John Griffiths Spielman


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