EndoHappy. For a plentiful and satisfied life with endometriosis


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ISBN: 9788410218178

EndoHappy (EndoFeliz) is an informative channel, from my personal experience, for women with endometriosis to get a life as plentiful and satisfied as possible. It can also be useful for our family, partner and friends to understand what we are going through. Even for those women who don’t comprehend their pain and haven’t been diagnosed yet, to identify what is happening to them and set an appointment with their doctor to ask for the pertinent tests.

What you will find within these pages is plenty of information to understand this disease and its effects on our body better; the impact it has on our society; possible treatments like conventional medicine, alternative medicine, nutrition, etc.; and the rights we claim, among others. It has all been contrasted from my personal experience, as I suffer from endometriosis, Behçet’s disease, tinnitus, anxiety and panic attacks.

This book act as a complementary guide to treatments and advices of health specialists. The intention with this book is to provide knowledge and advice to help readers to make decisions the most informed possible regarding their health. Because not everything in this life are drugs and there is a great healing power within us. Always considering that we show different symptoms and require a personal treatment.

**We are not alone, there are lot of us (one out of ten!), you are not crazy, your pain is real, it is not normal and there are many things that you can do to improve your quality of life!**


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