Inside The Wind. An Unexpected Journey


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ISBN: 9788494761836

Elisa Lugo’s teaching assignment in the United States is about to end and she is getting ready to return to Spain, but before leaving the country, she wants to fulfill her dream of visiting New Orleans. It will be an intense trip full of emotions and experiences that will make “her blood boil”. On her last day in Louisiana, an unexpected discovery will become an obsession once she is back in Tenerife. Coincidences, documents, anecdotes read and heard from different family members, and her determination to piece together a story, take us on a journey through different periods of the history of the Canary Islands: slavery, the Spanish Inquisition, the turn of the 20th century or the wounds of the Spanish Civil War. Interwoven with these are tales of Louisiana, such as slavery on the sugar cane plantations or the role of the isleños in the US South.

Elisa is looking for a plausible explanation for her startling discovery in New Orleans. About to give up, a last clue will take her again to a place “inside the wind”.


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