Research advances in nanosciences, micro and nanotechnologies. Volume IV


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ISBN: 9788412647525

New challenges are coming for the National Polytechnic Institute, such as attending to nearshoring in Mexico, that is, the transfer of new factories from the country of origin to one close to the market, which will require research and training of new researchers in the field of semiconductors, for the manufacture of processors or CHIPS. Nanotechnology has and will have an important role in this task, which is why work on semiconductor materials and their applications in luminescence or photoluminescence, optoelectronics will move on to applications on semiconductor substrates and films aimed at manufacturing processors.

IPN researchers should also not neglect their activities aimed at the problems of water, alternative energy, health, food, communications, and the environment, which are still current in terms of the need for improvement and development of new nanometric materials. Therefore, in this volume IV of advances in micro nanoscience and nanotechnology, the results of these investigations are presented and now include an area of materials and semiconductors seeking to develop part of processors.


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