ISBN: 9788412016413

The Charm of the Impossible cannot bore with its thrilling well-knit plot and multicolored language which puts the reader inside and outside the thoughts of the protagonists. Whether reflection, or an explosion of disinhibition.Fictionalized philosophy, with abundant touches of picaresque, spicy touches, and strong scenes, with winks to the triviality of the daily life of every mortal, always in an exquisite and respectful language,  mixing introspection and experience, reality and fiction in a captivating magical alternation.

Olivia understood that Religion is very respectable, something of good will, but a formalism that will never lead to the experience of God. Much less after Nietzsche decreed God’s death. She wants more, much more, everything. That’s why she searches. Not just the fact whether God exists, or one should be good: she knows that already. She investigates in the procedure to get beyond that: she feels inspired by some light, qualified, with a level of physiological development that allows her to. Active protagonist of the process of humanization of a species that from an anthropologic point of view reached a high enough level of evolution to reasonably understand the experience of Totality. This precisely distinguishes her from the conventional: Olivia wants to get to the core of the question. Beyond every idea, every belief. That’s that.


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