ISBN: 9788412002195

Alfred questions with insistence the certainty or falseness of what cannot be verified. A too analytic and profound nature to admit on beforehand truths that derive from the rational. His intuitive cleverness makes it easy for him to penetrate into the hidden, into the intangible, but something else is that he would give it for certain. He never completely believes it. He needs to ascertain, analyzing the least detail, the ultimate reason. For inexistent it may seem. He wants to verify with detail the effects of having influenced the causes ambushed in the inscrutable.

―If there is an effect it is because there was a cause― he says to himself with the biggest evidence.

The idea that Alfred might feel pleased with his recently assigned role of incarnation of the Evil on the Earth started to scare Olivia.  ―He’ll probably be delighted. The Evil is most appropriate for him. The Good miles away. He’ll like it, he adores the reckless. To be Prince of the Darkness is exciting. Though with Alfred it seems to be yes, in his heart, it is no. You may see him affirmed in a position, resolute in a way of proceeding, and suddenly see him choose the other side. More than contradictory or unpredictable, it is a fact of impossible definition. Imagine now, with this certificate of Evil on the table. With its uncertainty, and the risky of such a visceral plan. To be an incarnation of the Evil involves a power that makes shudder. I ignore where this assertion comes from, but for Alfred it will be an irresistible temptation. As it probably would be for anybody. To be conscious of one’s position turns a few drops into torrential rain, into a squall, into a true hurricane― was thinking Olivia between hydrangeas and carnations.


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