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We are outraged because we are nothing. Would we be pure Infinitude, Wall Street would perform wonderfully, and the Banks, Health Care, and Education would work so well that they wouldn’t even exist. But we must do it ourselves in an act of extreme responsibility, the time has come. Nobody will do it for us.

The authentically exceptional of this apocalyptical evolutionary leap is that we can do it by ourselves.We can only do it by ourselves.

Everybody saying he can help us, doesn’t know anything.

God doesn’t walk in the street saying he is God. He keeps it for himself. The one that knows, the incarnated Knowledge, the Truth, is quiet like the living, and the one that doesn’t know talks like a dead.

Who wants to help somebody to be what he already is, doesn’t quite understand the situation: the helper is not where he ought to be.

When one is the Absolute, one doesn’t conceive there being any others to indoctrinate, for him the others don’t exist. They are the same Absolute Nature.

Hence, nothing to explain to anybody.

“So far the proposal of Psychology consisted in trying to free the person from his paranoias, from his tantrums, teaching him how to behave according to common codes of Ethics, showing him where to find the keys to open the doors to a fake happiness, to a fictitious but enslaving coexistence, to a most phantasmal sense of I, but the rigorous present we are in now does not admit anymore face-wash or repair: at last we discovered that the solution is not to free the person from his miseries.The real solution, the authentic personal revolution, consists in freeing oneself completely from the person.

-Sweetheart, goodbyyyyyyye.

After the experience of the death of the ego, where the old definition of the proper being is lost, how should we not ask ourselves: what comes next? How is this new me?”


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