ISBN: 9788412002157

A refined language, references to culture and history, and allusions to historical works and facts, sometimes very little known. Though ingenious in the descriptions, with the right dose of descriptive inventiveness, which prevents it from saturating and eventually tiring. Let yourself be carried away and let the impressions flow, without trying to understand everything in a first reading. Leave it to pose and let it invite you to reread it in another moment. Then you will realize how each new reading brings something new and will never cease to surprise you.

—Louise emits signals indicating an evident inner fracture. She shows a sexuality that promises mellow consistencies, but eventually becomes inexpressive, even literally absurd. As if her body were a crashed car that remained motionless with the claxon connected. It toots with enthusiasm, but only speaks of tragedies. It shows the fear to express a sexuality that might scare her. She succumbs to the panic to show a nature that might destroy the image of generosity she decided to project in order to be loved no matter how– reflects Alfred while they told each other intimacies that induced to mirage.


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