ISBN: 9788412016468

Are we free or are we determined? Do we live in the Reality, or in an illusion fabricated by the Mind? Are we authentic, or just illusory egos who deny the Reality? Do we actually live Life, or do we just think it? Is pleasure the same as Happiness, sex the same as Love, nice the same as Beautiful? Is to accumulate data have access to Knowledge? What is Consciousness, when was it given to us, what happens with the Consciousness when the body dies? Who are we, where do we come from, where are we going to, and what does it mean to have sense? Are God, Love, Happiness, Infinitude, only concepts, or are they realities we so far cannot access? What is true Wisdom? What is true Knowledge? Is Science actually a paradigm of Knowledge? Is there any Good that rewards or punishes, or are we the only responsible for our fortune or misfortune? Is there any Evil that wants to take us to perdition, or are we our own perdition for our wrongdoings against the Natural Law? Can there still be a natural selection of the species activated at last by our true capacity of Being? Is the Humanity at the threshold of the biggest evolutionary change it ever knew, or is it doomed to disappear forever?

“The really interesting of the present moment is to observe the high degree of confusion surrounding the humans. We have been wandering many years, but so far we didn’t become aware that we are walking the wrong road. Little by little we are arriving at the conclusion that nothing has sense, or ever had. Starting with ourselves, and to finish with the human species itself where we have been existing for many years. 
What is happening? Well, that we are experiencing the obligatory consequences of a mistake we committed thousands of years ago, and we still couldn’t mend because we aren’t the least conscious of the wrong situation it caused. 
But, as always, so you sow, so shall you reap.”


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