ISBN: 9788412016437

Whatever we may destroy, it shall always consist in something predetermined which with no doubt will contribute to the establishment of the Good. Never product of any autonomy we might have, all the contrary, we live in the error to do our holy will, holy in a way of saying, and at the end we are only instruments of a Cause that overrules us and always will: whatever we do, we’ll always be one of its effects, and you may say of the most pathetic. We have considered ourselves cause because we are Fiction in its purest state, able even to fool the very Lucifer and the whole Inferno.Taking ourselves for the cause of a Creation we always contributed to as effects, we’ve made utter fools of ourselves.

So powerful became the angel’s choirs and so intense the refulgence, that people began to leave their tents. Dumbstruck, astonished in front of such splendor. The emotion of the moment was such and so overwhelming, that the whole crowd fell on its knees sobbing: never human eyes had witnessed such grandiosity and such beauty. The angels descended by hundreds, and the intensity of the choirs grew and grew, and seemed to have no end. That intense light overwhelmed the entire face of the Earth with its splendor. The faces began to turn gold and silver, and the bodies almost transparent. Little by little in the center of the luminaire, welcomed by dozens of angels, majestic and splendid, the crystalline profile of the stairway that ascended to the Realm of the Light began to become neatly visible. When the crescendo of the voices came to their highest the drums began to roll, and that choir of angels and archangels suddenly was converted into a triumphal march.


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